MCA Agents State Licensing Requirements

Motor Club of America's State Licensing Requirements

Due to each state having different requirements for Motor Club Agents, the following chart below can be utilized to indicate the details in each state for all new, or re-applying Agents. If your state is not listed, there is no licensing requirement for Motor Club Agents in your state. 

* These states require that a fingerprint card be filed with application. *

** Application must list complete middle name of the applicant to be licensed. **

Completing Licensing Application

1.) Visit

2.) Log-in.

3.) Select blue Associate tab at the top of the page.

4.) Select Sales Support.

5.) Scroll to the very bottom, select your state, & complete instructions if your state
requires licensing.  

Various states require that renewal fees be submitted at least 30-45 days in advance
of the renewal date.

Please note, that if your renewal is not completed before the renewal expiration date,
it will be necessary to re-submit a completed license application and appropriate
licensing fees to your particular state.

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