Motor Club of America's History

In 1926, a gentleman by the name of Mr. William W. Green out of Newark, New Jersey recognized the demand for emergency roadside assistance, and auto insurance, due to the nation’s auto production increase. In the pursuit to fill this need, Mr. Green resigned from his position as an accountant. Accompanied by his two brothers David & Samuel Green, the trio constructed a New Jersey-based auto insurance agency by the name of “Automobile Association of New Jersey.”

As of 1933, the company became incorporated, operating out of office blossoming beyond New Jersey, creating clientele in 13 additional states. Due to the expansion, in 1958 the company’s name was modified to “Motor Club of America.” During the early 80’s, memberships persisted to increase in growth as MCA out-branched to 29 additional states serving as major insurer throughout the United States. Prepared for retirement, in the year of 1986, The Green Brothers sold MCA to Trac Inc. based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who owned and operated the “Thirty Rent A Car System.”   

A gentleman by the name of Mr. Virgil Coffee, mastermind of marketing for prepaid legal services, founded TVC Marketing Associates Inc. in 1987. TVC, an abbreviation for Trucker’s Voice in Court, originally provided legal representation for truckers in motor-related incidents, along with a wide range of benefits and services such as credit card protection, hotel, and rental car discounts, and much more. In 1989, Mr. Virgil Coffee bought into MCA beginning his joint ownership in order to expand his business beyond the commercial sector of only CDL drivers. By 1992, MCA became one of the few qualified motor companies in every state, & even in Canada. In 1996, Mr. Coffee gained sole ownership of MCA and elected Mr. David Kircher as his company president.

As of October 2011, a new MCA was re-launched & upgraded to provide new membership packages as a suite of auto, travel, legal, and health services for the general public. Along with the relaunch of the company, an affiliate program was introduced in pursuit to provide jobs across the nation, via compensating associates for attracting business to the company as opposed to paying billions in advertising costs each year to advertising agencies.

With over 90 years of excellence, today’s headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, & there are over 10 million & growing MCA members within the U.S., Canada, & Hawaii!     

Direct Marketing Executive & Sales Manager

Keia Bell



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