A Letter To My Fellow Entrepreneurs


You've invested time and money into things while seeing little to no results, or maybe you were doing well, but now you've seem to have hit a rough patch. You've been told no, laughed at by your friends, and family, and it truly hurts. In addition, so many people, even the ones who you love the most feel that you're wasting your time, and being unrealistic.

Allow me to reassure you, the only ones who are delusional are the ones projecting themselves onto you and perceiving their beliefs to be factual!! These individuals don't see or understand the opportunities you have at hand because they just can't see it for themselves. As they cannot see it for themselves they project these same feelings onto you, but you will make everyone believers in due time.

It's hard to see the picture when you're in the frame. Be that as it may, you must know that other individuals see your potential before you come to realize it yourself. In all reality, it will disgust some of your dearest loved ones to see you doing better than them. A great man once said, "They will broadcast your failures, but whisper your success." This is so, but you will keep fighting!!!

Make a decision, and create a solution to deal with or cut out non-believers in your life ASAP! Kick your anchors off, get out of the middle of the tide, and swim off to shore where the magical land of your desires reside!! Be free to believe in yourself great one! As the old saying goes "First they will ask you why you're doing it, but once you succeed they'll be asking you how you did it!" You will make them believers.

The fire you feel is greatness within you boiling to be released! You will not quit! As an entrepreneur, it is extremely vital to cheer yourself on while working profusely, and relentlessly without the support from others! You must hold your vision in your mind's eye, even when you can't see an end to the tunnel!!! If you stop running the race, you will never see it!!

In the words of the great Dr. Eric Thomas, "You're already invested, don't cry to quit, cry to keep going!! You're already in pain, you may as well get a reward for it!!






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