5 CRUCIAL Tips To Remaining FOCUSED While Working From Home


Even if it's not the same time every day! Remain congruent to your needs, and take action accordingly to reach your goals. It is absolutely VITAL that each day you dedicate a set amount of time or hours in investing in your goals, and achieving your overall vision!! 

Be efficient:

  • wake up early to sneak in an hour each day
  •  stay up over for a few extra hours when the kids are in bed
  •  take small work breaks for 30-40 minutes throughout the day if necessary

However works best for you, make working on yourself and business a priority, with little to no distractions every single day.


During your personal working hrs, find a way to minimize distractions as much as possible!!! The first step is recognizing when you're distracted, and what your distractions are. For instance, you may spend hours every day indulging in your favorite t.v. shows, scrolling on Facebook, or Instagram, being on your phone, or hanging out with friends.

 Begin planning activities (doesn't have to be extreme, but must be a clear, simple, general idea of your priorities) to allow more productivity. How bad do you want it? Take back how you spend your time.


  • cancel your cable bill, get a firestick and watch t.v. on your time
  • delete or log out of social apps if your work doesn't require you to be on them
  • plan interactions with family & friends


Life is FOREVER about balance. Be that as it may, you want to ensure that you keep yourself stimulated and grounded at all times. Before and after you conquer your priorities take time to indulge in things that nurture you. 

For instance, some individuals might find it stimulating to:

  •  take a walk first thing in the morning 
  • have a glass of wine after work
  • shower and enjoy a nice meal to unwind
  • enjoy a night out to celebrate a milestone, victory, or a week's worth of hard work
  • enjoy a day at the salon
  • take a weekend road trip with buddies
  • yoga & meditation 
  • prayer & affirmations
  • dancing, music, comedy, art
  • practically anything that nourishes your soul

In order to perform at your best level in life, your soul must be nourished. A tree needs healthy roots to bare juicy, and plentiful fruit!!


You need stimulation during work hours to help you remain focused.

Things to try:
  • classical music for concentration on YouTube 
  • chewing gum
  • binaural beats for concentration on YouTube
  • jazz
  • positive affirmations


Naturally, as an entrepreneur, you must be persistent!! Your ambition & your why will fuel you! If you don't know your why, find it immediately!! Whatever it takes to pursue your dream should be taking place at all costs!!! No excuses, only results!

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Keia Bell
Virtual Administrative Assistant, Sales Manager, Direct Marketing Executive





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